What kind music do you rock to?

Hard-rocking, head-banging rock?

Emo tear-jerking ballads?

Bubblegum and shoestring pop?

Beat heavy hip hop music?

Mind numbing trance and electronica?

Sophisticated jazz?

Personally, rock, jazz & hip hop are to two on the top of my list. Never really used to like hip hop but some of the songs are really catchy. Though I don’t think there would ever be a hip hop concert with the likes of Eminem or 50 cent down here in Malaysia. They would probably have to bleep 50% of the songs or send people in to close our ears. Rock really is my thing. Its something about the growling guitars and thumping beats that really works for me. Oh, and all the clever pauses really impress me. I like jazz too but only when its live. Reason being I can watch the drummer doing his thing. I think the best drummers in the world are jazz drummers. They do all these weird and off-beat stuff that is really awesome to watch and it always give me this “how does he do that?” feeling.

Recently (actually yesterday), I went for a concert (Wow! I’m in!). It was the MTV Worldstage at Sunway Lagoon. Tickets were courtesy of Daniel and Sony Ericsson (Thanks!). Met up with Emeryn & Hui Wen at Sunway cause they got tickets as well and also their friend Pok who is a pretty cool guy. Anyway,  Bunkface, Wondergirls, Tokio Hotel & Katy Perry performed that night. I tell you, for a local band, Bunkface is really awesome. I feel like they can make it internationally with their music. There is something about their music that is not typical ‘local band’. I guess it helps that they sing really go English songs. Some of their song like Bunkface & Prom Queen really got me jumping (it was a bit weird because I was the only guy jumping in the back).

After Bunkface, we have to wait for about 30-45 mins for them to set up the stage for Wondergirls. In between VJ’s Utt, Juju, Chris & Shawn were giving out free stuff to the crowd. Too bad they couldn’t throw all the way to the back. Anyway, so the Wondergirls are like BIG in Korean and they have like ONE song that everybody knows how to sing (Urgghh). To me, they are good singers and dancers. And they are VERY pretty. But maybe its because I don’t like pop music and the ONE song of theirs. So most of the time I just watched them gyrate on the stage. Strangely, they only sang a few songs.

Then the long wait. We waited for more than 1 hour in the rain for Tokio Hotel to come on. Evidently there were song technical problems with the LCD panels because of the rain. I however, strongly suspect that they ran out of gel or hair spray for Tokio Hotel’s lead singer. Someone probably had to run to the nearest 7-11 to buy Brylcream or something. But when they came on, it was seriously awesome. Imagine the music you listen to on the radio. That is the quality of the performance that they game us. They were that good! And they played so many songs we thought that they were going to play their entire album. The lead singer (yes, I’m not a fan of Tokio Hotel and I don’t know their names) has a really good voice when he is singing but I don’t really super like the way he talks normally (maybe has to do with the fact that he is kinda…. soft). It was a good thing that they rocked really hard because by then my back was in spasms and my feet hurt, not to mention I was wet.

I didn’t get to see Katy Perry  because we had to wait super long for her to come out and by then we were really really tired already. So we decided to call it a day and eat dinner at Asia Cafe. My ever faithful (but sinful) Nasi Lemak completed a tiring but fun day. Most of the people who know me well know that I’m not a concert kinda guy. Maybe has to do with the mass of humanity you get stuck with. But I would certainly want to go to concerts but bands like Nickelback, The All-American Reject and Linkin Park if they came down. I guess I gotta try new things anyway. All in all it was a good experience and one I would want to do again. Hopefully Nickelback notices Malaysia in the near future and make a trip down.

I’m kinda inspired to pick up my music training as well. Maybe retake my drum classes again and learn a new instrument. Just for the fun of it and well, you never know…


I quote myself…

Throw away your perception that there is a better place out there. The world is a big dark, dreary and hungry beast, ready to swallow you whole without even bothering to chew. What you have is your little patch of grass, maybe a 4′ by 4′ area which gets a little sun in the afternoon and a bench that gets some shade from a neighboring tree that has unknowingly grown a little sideways in its years. That tree to is withering with age.

So you take a look around your little world. You see what’s left of the pretty white picket fence that you put up around it several years ago. Maybe its a little shabby. The elements have been at it. The strong winds of careers and expectation and the hail of broken relationships have brought down a whole section of it. You repaired that not long ago but the damage never really got covered properly. Your bench is creaking and is leaning slightly to the right from you tossing and turning when you lay on it at night. The plants you planted when you first entered this small world of your, Hope, Dreams and Love, lay withered in the flower bed next to your feet. The grass beneath your shoes is brown with too little water.

Shoes? The things on your feet have long ceased to be called shoes. Maybe they should be call flip flops now. Your clothes are shabby, your leggings and worn thin from overuse. Your shirt has a stain that wont come off and has holes. You sit down on your bench and  hang your head. You say “Is this all that my world is?” . For a few moments you are silent, lost in your own thoughts. You hear a knock. You look up and see the gate. Of all the things around you, it is the most perfect. The hinges shine with oil and there is a big shiny lock on the door. Never have you opened that gate. It has been the entrance to your fortress for years and yet it has been your prison guard.

For the first time you realize that there is someone at the gate. How long has he been there? From the looks of him, he is a ordinary person. There is nothing outstanding about him except for his face. You cannot seem to understand it but there is compassion in that face. Anger grips your mind. Is he mocking me? Does he pity me? You turn your face away, intent on  picking up the pieces of the latest failed relationship lying on the grass next to your bench. Maybe if you try hard enough, the next relationship would work better. You have told yourself the same thing a million times before.

Again the knock comes. Irritated you growl “Go away! I don’t need your pity”. The stranger is silent and shakes his head in sadness. He has something in his hand but you cannot quite see it. Once again to turn around, this time to rebuild a broken friendship lost in the aftermath of that failed love relationship. Maybe if I act like nothing ever changed that we could still be friends. In your heart you know that it is a lost cause.

Once more the knock comes. This time you are really angry. You stalk over to the gate and yell “WHAT DO YOU WANT! LEAVE ME ALONE! I DO NOT KNOW YOU!”. With the same sad compassion, the stranger hold up his hand. You notice for the first time that they are scarred with a single wound that goes right through the palm of his hands. It must have been painful in the extreme. There is something else in his hand. A key. He is holding it out to you. Still he is silent. You realize that the key looks exactly like the one you threw away when you 1st put up the fence. “All I need is me”, that’s what you said back then.

For the first time he speaks, his voice full of love, you have heard the words before, spoken by a friend, someone you met on the road, a pastor at one of those silly religious rallies. The words are familiar, yet simple. “Open the door”. You hesitate, your hand halfway to the key. What if this is a hoax? What if he just wants my little peace of space? As if reading your mind, he shakes his head. He then points with his other scarred hand at your little 4′ by 4′ space. “Let me in, and I will give you so much more”. You turn once again. This time not to distract yourself but to contemplate your world. Everything is broken. Everything is tarnished. You could use some help. You could use some Love. You turn back, this time with purpose and resolution. You reach out and take the key. You open the gate and he walks into your world.

You stand there expecting your little 4′ by 4′ to become and 4 acre by 4 acre estate. The seconds pass by and still nothing changes. You hang your head, knowing it was too good to be true. You look up once again to ask the stranger to leave. He has moved to your flower bed and is watering the plants and grass. He plants new seeds and tills the earth by hand. Next he moves to the fence. He removes the hastily put up planks and fills up the holes in the fence. He fixes them without a word. By now your world already looks a little better. He however, doesn’t. He is getting dirty from doing all the work. Next he moves to your bench. You are amazed at how good it seems now. The fence shines with new paint and your plants are starting to grow. Once he is finished with the bench, he sits down on the bench. At first you just stare but then you realize that he is not leaving. You are about the thank him and send him on his way when you realize that he is asking you to sit as well. But he is filthy and you want to get on with your life. There are people & deadlines out there to meet. How can you do that with someone watching you all the time. You won’t be able to cut corners and lie with someone at your back. You want him to leave. You tell him to go.

The same sad expression comes across his face. He gets up and walks out the gate. You however have totally forgotten that he has left. Your world is beautiful again. Everything looks better now. So you carry on with your life.

For a little time your are successful, the world is your apple. You expand, your world is no longer a 4′ by 4′ plot of land. You have moved on. You own 4 acres of land now. There is a house and a garden. The house is a mansion with 10 bedrooms and 4 dining halls. The garden stretches far and wide, with a fountain and well  manicured grass. You live in luxury and wealth. Everything money can buy is yours.

But behind the gloss lies a word in tatters. There, in the bedroom is a spot that you painted over the damaged caused by a brutal divorce. The furniture in the living room is smashed from a power struggle in your business. The garden has a closed of area where the grass does not grow because of a vicious back stab by your business partner. Once again your would is in shambles, only this time the opulence blinds many to that fact.

You hear a knock. You have not heard it for the many years that you have been building your career and destroying your life. Slowly you walk to the door, it might be another one of those thieves trying to steal what you have. Instead it is a familiar face. He has that same expression you saw all those years ago. Again he is holding out his hand. You look and see that there is nothing in it. He is holding out his hand to you. He wants you to follow him. And you do. He leads you through your own house. You feel ashamed as he sees all the broken furniture and the damaged walls. You want him to stop but he keeps on walking, not missing on area of the house. Finally he goes outside, past the dry fountain and the barren patch of ground. He leads you out the gate and onto the road.

Together you walk until you reach a little fenced off patch of ground. There is a bench under the shade of a tree and a flowerbed full of flowers alongside a small pool of water. He leads you in and you recognize your 4′ by 4′ world. Once again he sits on the bench and beckons you to sit. This time you do.

You sit, and lean on him, and go to sleep, and you have peace.

From somewhere in my mind

they said “ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…”

Nope this is not another emo post. Thanks to all those who gave me encouraging words and advice and showed how much you cared for me. I deeply appreciate it and I want you to know that you should keep on caring!

Anyway, I was looking for something interesting to blog about, I’m afraid that when I look back at my blogs that there will be a big empty period where I can’t recall what happened during that time.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to detect any interesting events that happened to me lately. Well, there was the Royal Perak Golfest that happened lately that took me away from KL for the better part of a week. I have always had the impression that Ipoh is kinda like the KL of Perak. Well, I guess it would be unfair to compare, but being a city boy at heart, I will always compare cities with each other. Ipoh is quaint and quiet. I don’t think people who have lived in KL can adapt to the pace of life in any other town in Malaysia, with the possible exception of Johor Bharu.

Hanyway, I remember last Saturday I was sitting at the driving range at the Royal Perak Golf Club and wondering “why the heck am I working on a Saturday? I have better things to do than this!”. Guess what? This week, that I am not working, I have NOTHING to do! How sad is that! I woke up at about 10.00am and was figuring out what to do until 1pm! Fortunately, there is always no shortage of humans who have the same predicament as me! So I planned to meet up with a friend of mine at Pavillion. I stopped over at Imbi for some ‘mee babi’ before heading to JIC where I bumped into Fannie & Poh Choy on Saturday at JIC. Had an interesting ‘catch-up’ talk with them. I think they said ‘eeeeeewwwwww’ at something. I forgot what it was but I remember it was pretty mean! Hence the header for this post.

Pavillion has to be one of the coldest malls there is out there. I think they get a discount on their aircon usage of something! It is seriously cold (not enough to make me shiver but its cold). Which is actually a good thing because I tend to sweat on the way up to Pavillion from JIC. Met up with my friend at the Adidas shop where began a waiting period that bordered on the insane!

You know, I have always had the opinion that people are getting more and more fickle-minded and undecisive, but some people carry it to the extremes! How can someone spend 1 and a half hours choosing the colors for his shoes? Yes, HIS. It’s was a dude. You see, my friend brought her friend who wanted to get a pair of customized Adidas shoes. So fine, he went up to the counter and was told that there were 4 other people who wanted to make shoes as well. So it was all good, we went up to Starbucks and had a drink and chatted while waiting for his turn to come. When he went down, he found that the SAME first guy who was at the computer when we left was still there! His girlfriend had already chosen her colors and material. Seriously, that guys got a chronic case of undecisiveness!

Speaking of shoes. I has come to the point of no return for my beloved futsal shoes. Actually is only the left shoe. The sole is slowly separating from the body. How macabre! Shoes! I love shoes! That’s the chick in me! Hah!

Oh, I will be organizing a trip to Gua Tempurung at the end of November. During that time, there should be a underground waterfall in the cave so it should be nice. Anyone who is interested please let me know. The earlier the better.

Also, I think I’ll be trying to catelogue the best ‘mee babi’ shops in KL. There are some pretty good ones near my office but I have heard of many others that people claim are awesome. If you know any good ones let me know ya? I wanna indulge! (Not good for diets).

My post is all over the place. Too much to put into words right now. Will try to be more regular with my blogging in future!



Just saw something that made my insides clench.

Isn’t it funny how whenever we feel regret, sadness or hopelessness, your chest muscles twist on its own?

I wonder what reaction it is, I mean scientifically.

Got back from MidValley not long ago. Been there whole day at a product launch. Had plenty of free time in the afternoon but no one to spend it with. As usual headed to the gym to renew my ongoing best-friend interaction with the weight machines, treadmills and cycling machines.

Tomorrow I get to go to work. The weekend passed in a flash.

And yes, I am a bitter creature.

I think I’ll go drink myself to sleep again…

Or maybe just sleep.


Crabby Krabi

I’m going to Krabi tomorrow. Whoopee (with a distinct lack of enthusiasm)…

I don’t know whats wrong. I want to go on a holiday but somehow I’m not excited. At all. Don’t even know whether its going to be fun or not. It usually is but somehow I just can’t bring myself to be positive.


Got to pack, haven’t started yet. There’s not much to pack though, only a few t-shirts and shorts. Really feeling lazy to do anything right now. I’m feeling irritated in general. Got this simmering anger at the back of my head that does seem to go away. Seriously, one day I am going to pop a vein. I don’t even have a reason to be angry. I just am.

Sounds like the blog of a future mass murderer or one-man high school shooter right? I guess so. Malaysia doesn’t have places to buy guns so chill. I may have to do it with a parang I guess. AMOK!!!!

Ever get the feeling that you are excess baggage in the whole scheme of things?

Ever feel that people don’t really need you but just give you stuff to do out of pity or because nobody else will/can do it?

Ever went to bed not really caring whether you wake up the next day or not?

Ever wanted to simply not exist?

Call me a quiter, morbid, suicidal, wet-blanket or whiny. I don’t really care.

Popped bloons for the last 2 hours. Die bloons die!

When life is really getting you down

I really have nothing to blog about. So I’m just going to describe how I feel RIGHT NOW.

There is a pain in my chest area, its almost as if there is something sour turning in it. Once in a while there is a spike of weakness that spreads into the rest of my body. When I try to stretch it out, my ribs hurt.

My mind is mostly blank. Don’t have the motivation to do anything. Not work, not exercise, not socializing. I’m not sleepy because I slept at 9 pm yesterday. So I am very awake, and very capable of thinking. Probably capable of thinking too much.

My shoulder & back muscles hurt from exercise. The pain is more of a dull ache where the backbone and ribs meet. My right foot also throbs dully with pain.

Mercifully, the phone is not ringing and there is nobody baggering me for the latest sales & purchase reports, yet. Oh, I do have a pile of work that I have to deal with by today but I’ll deal with it later in the day. I think I used the same excuse yesterday.

Had a chat with one of my friends earlier in the day about new jobs. Seems that a lot of people are moving forward in their careers. Somehow I seem to be still stuck in the same position I started out 1 plus years ago. It’s getting boring. I need a change of scene. But mostly I want a job that pays better. I feel that I’m not being properly compensated for my time and energy at work. I’m waiting for the last straw to be drawn and then I will have to leave. I almost cannot take it anymore. More work should me better pay. Not same pay but more work.

I know that I shouldn’t be complaining. I can almost hear people saying ‘Be thankful you have a job’. If you want my job then go ahead. I’m not stopping you.

Everybody seems to be happy today. Of all days, Wednesday. I used to look forward to it. It’s ‘Futsal Day’ for me. Not this week I guess. Nothing seems to excite me today. Not even the prospect of lunch coming around the corner. I’m reading comics to pass the time in the office. Trying to plan something for tonight. Maybe I’ll go futsal or go eat steamboat or something. I can’t help but wonder what my friends are doing.

The right thing to do, the POSITIVE thing to do is to look forward to something. As a goal, as a target. Can’t really think of anything right now. So I guess I’ll just sit around and mope. Or go get drunk or something. Then go home and sleep. Ok. Sounds like a plan.



That’s it! My Monday is totally screwed up. Officially! Blady air con compressor decided to kick it. So fast! Freaking car is falling apart! Need to get a new one! And soon!



It’s a freaking Monday!

I’m in the office, stuck with a pile of work, had to work last Saturday from morning till night, spent Sunday doing absolutely nothing, my car air-con decided to die on me and I left my wallet at home!

So how was YOUR weekend?

I won’t have a weekend this week either, this week is probably going to be worst! Working on Saturday, then there is packing on Sunday night. Arghhh!!! I’m tired! I’m cranky!

My life has grinded to a monotonous cycle of work, sleep and work somemore. I need to rethink my life right now because its headed nowhere. I’m tired, goalless, burnt out and lonely.

On the plus side, my boss helped me get back my blade so I can go back to cutting myself!!! Bwahahahaahahahaha

Playing serious…

Oh wait, I don’t have to play serious, I was born with a serious face.

Someone commented that I sing with a ‘ganas’ face. Sobs!

My evil sister says I should smile more often, I can’t imagine myself smiling and walking around, feels way too weird.

I missed the BSF intro class I was supposed to attend last Monday because I was in Ipoh doing a Golf Fair set up. Worked until 5.00 a.m. in the morning. Lucky I’m still young.. haha..

I discovered that driving around without a map can be both interesting as well as really frustrating. It give you a sense of accomplishment when you find the place you want to go to without a map.

I seem to be heading up to Ipoh and the surrounding areas quite a bit this past few months. Last month I went to Gua Tempurung in Gopeng. Just yesterday I was in Ipoh for a set up. 2 weeks from now I will be heading up again for a choir presentation. I think many people have the perception that all pretty girls come from Ipoh. However, I wonder, are they all in hiding when I go there? Takde pun… haha…  well of course I can’t really expect them to be out at 5 a.m. in the morning I guess, my bad.

I’m in need of a fresh new inspiration, things are getting a little dry and I’m beginning to feel like playing around. But I think I shouldn’t. But I want to. Darn it.

I need sleep, this entry makes no sense.

Perhentian stop…

Sand, sea, salt air and sunshine.

Just can’t get enough of it.

Too bad my life isn’t one long holiday.

Recently, me and me buddies headed up north and slightly eastwards to a small island off the coast of Terengganu called Pulau Perhentian, literally translated to ‘Stopover Island’. We left on a Thursday night and drove whole night long to reach the Kuala Besut jetty. The road to Kuala Besut involves driving along the Pantai Timur Expressway and then turning off onto smaller trunk roads. This is the ONLY way to reach Kuala Besut by land. The drive along the Pantai Timur Expressway wasn’t bad at all. The roads were empty. The only problem was that we were forced to turn off earlier that expected due to the highway being under-‘Vellu-ed’. Without warning, the highway was blocked off and everybody travelling along the highwat is forced to turn off at Jabur (pronounced with a distinctive Hokkien slang).

Fortunately we had GPS, so finding the road that would lead to the Kuala Besut jetty wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately, at about 4.40-5.00 a.m. in the morning, the GPS (which was actually my friends handphone) ran out of battery. Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, in an unfamiliar state, suffering from lack of sleep in the middle of the morning and you would know how we felt. However, being positively-overwhelmingly-confident, we just said ‘ti ti kia’, Hokkien for ‘just go straight’. And we did that for awhile until we started going around in circles.

I am here about to proclaim the power of having a mobile phone that has access to the Internet. Using his handphone, Daniel manage to download an application from Google Maps that allowed us to locate our position and that of the jetty. So we happily continued our trip and managed to make it to the meeting point well before the departure time. The holiday package we were taking was run by a company name Fauna Holiday Sdn Bhd and I have to say the service is fantastic. They really take care of their guests from the moment they arrive right up to the point that they are leaving the jetty. We met up with one Mr. Ong at the jetty and he directed us to our boat. Here is a tip if you ever have the chance to sit in a boat. If you are the type that gets motion sickness, NEVER, EVER sit at the front of the boat. That is the part of the boat that moves up and down the most violently. 10 minutes into the boat trip and already I was wearing my butt around my shoulders. The sea wasn’t even particularly rough but being in the front of the boat is pretty bumpy. However, it is also the most exciting part of the boat so I would recommend sitting there at least once in a lifetime (just once though).

One of the reasons why we chose to use the service of the Fauna Holiday Resort was because they offered a snorkeling package that is actually worth the money. 2 days of snorkeling over 6 snorkeling spots. Totally awesome. We rested a little once we checked into the hotel rooms but we were for the most part too restless to get any proper sleep. After a buffet lunch, we headed out to the boats where we were taken to out 1st snorkeling escapade. To my pleasant surprise, the snorkeling masks were actually provided F.O.C. with the package. This is highly unusual because most resorts require that the masks be rented for RM10-20 (hidden charges!). Another thing that set the guides and the snorkeling package apart from other snorkeling packages is that the guides actually take the time to instruct the tourists (us) on the proper methods of wearing a mask. Not that I don’t know how to do it, but to many a 1st timers it is a great help. It also shows that they actually care what happens to you on the trip.

The 1st spot that we went to was near some rocks on a stretch of island that didn’t have a beach. It was the 1st but it wasn’t a pushover as there were plenty of fish and corals to be seen. Me and Daniel wandered off away from the rest of the group for the most part because it can get kind of crowded in a pack. The second spot we went to was a spot where turtles came and fed of the seabed. The turtle was a big specimen, not some small fellow and there were 2 of them. The guides even took one of them to the surface so that we could play with it. One good thing (among many) about the guides was that they insisted that everyone must see the attraction that they were brought to see. They actually cared whether you were having a good time. The 3rd spot for the 1st day was near to our resort where baby sharks could be found. After the 3rd dive, the boat sped off to a small strip of beach where there was a well from a spring with ice-cold fresh water in it. The guide proceeded to splash everyone with the fresh water and I have admit it was refreshing. We then heading back to the resort where we were left to our own devices (I slept) until dinner time which was in a form of a BBQ.

Night time of Pulau Perhentian is peaceful and serene. There is hardly any waves and the air is cooling and fresh. When the sun dips beneath the horizon, the stars come out and the sky is filled with them, unlike in the city where all you can see are the ugly red clouds in the sky and one satelite blinking spastically.

The next day, I woke up early to wander around and do some rock clambering. Off to the right of the island were some rocks that seem ideal for clambering. So I did some before breakfast and ended up dozing in one of the hammocks. It was so peaceful and cooling in the morning that sleep came unexpectedly. I only woke up because my friend Eddy came to get me for breakfast. After breakfast, it was back to the rooms to get our things and then back to the hammocks to await our boats. This time round, the boat took us to Redang Island, where our 1st stop was a tourist shopping centre. It was also evidently the place where there are some baby sharks. Being tourists of little means, we and my friends decided to forgo the pleasures of shopping and instead hunt for some shark. We ended up having the entire snorkeling area to ourselves and we had fun trying to chase after the sharks and other fish. Our second stop took us to the Marine Park where we had our lunch that was packed for us. Usually, on cheaper packages such as this, you don’t really expect much but we were again suprised with food that was not only good but that was served on proper plastic plates with real cutlery. We then had the chance to feed the fish and take a look at a morey eel, a large grouper as well as a suprise visit from some black squid and a particularly ill-tempered barracuda. However, I was dissapointed to find that some human really don’t know how to take care of the environment. After finishing all the bread that was provided for us to feed the fish, these human simply discarded the plastic into the sea! What kind of idiots are these people. Yes, I did pick it out of the sea for them. Morons.

Anyway, before we headed to the last stop, we stopped over at a resort of Lang Tengah for a rest. By that time my skin was twice over sunburned and was screaming for shade, which we found in the shape of a bunch of hammocks under the trees. Ahhhh….so blissful, I nearly fell asleep. Our final snorkeling spot was off some rocks in the middle of nowhere (or probably I can’t recall) near some pretty deep water. We amused ourselves by diving and harassing the fish as well as picking sea cucumbers for others to touch. We also had a diving competition with one of the guides whose name is Wendy (who is a guy by the way, and obviously we lost to him). We did plenty of skim diving but a word of caution, look where you are going because I nearly crashed headlong into a coral reef when I wasn’t looking.

Finally, after 4-5 hours of snorkeling, it was back to the fresh water spring for another rejuvenating splash. After that it was back to the resort. However, we weren’t quite done with snorkeling so we borrowed some masks (FOC courtesy of Wendy) and took of on a REALLY shallow water snorkeling experience with a girl we met on the boat. Somebody remind me, are sea anemone supposed to sting? I touched one before I remembered that they were supposed to sting. This is where I got my triple sunburn. After about 2 hours, we got back to shore and cleaned up ready for dinner.

The next day was spent at a more leisurely pace, hanging out with the guides, kayaking a little and just waiting for time to pass and our boat to arrive. And so we bad farewell to a wonderful trip. However, we do have cause to return to the island again. We found out that we missed out on a squid catching experience. We vowed to return if only to go and catch squid (yes, we are that obsessed with squid catching).

Anyway, you can check out the picture on my FB account or if you don’t have Facebook, the pictures can be found here.

I am planning to make another trip back to this island and the resort. I really enjoyed myself and I would without hesitation recommend this resort to anyone I know (provided I like you la..hehe).

I am looking forward to my trip to Krabi at the end of August. I hope the H1N1 virus has died down by then.

Till next time.

Theme song of the trip : Pitbull – Calle Ocho (75, Brazil Street)